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LogoVita is an innovative distance therapy company providing professional counseling services to clients across Texas from the comfort of their own home via secure video technology. Our aim is to improve access to professional counseling for all Texans. Just as fellow Texans are unique, we value treating clients with diverse therapeutic approaches focused on individual needs in the moment.

Dedicated to the well being of each client, LogoVita offers a safe place for clients to reach within themselves and explore personal experiences.  Our therapists support the discovery of meaning, enabling clients the opportunity to respond to the call of life with purpose. At LogoVita, we believe  embracing one's uniqueness in the world and living life intentionally, to the fullest potential, allows all persons to shine their own light in the world. 

We look forward to serving you and your loved ones!

I'm Elsie, LogoVita's Virtual Animal Therapy Provider & Tour Guide.
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I'm Elsie your LogoVita virtual Animal Therapy Provider and website tour guide.
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