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Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Hi friends and family thanks for having coffee with me! Let me introduce you to my sister- human, Kristin. She comes to visit me every morning and is kind enough to share her coffee with me (shhh she doesn't know that I know she steals it from her parent's house). Yesterday morning was especially exciting! You see, it has not rained in our neck of the woods for quite sometime, I'm talking years... well okay maybe not years.... perhaps months. It's really hard to say. When you have your head down, lookin' at the ground and eating crunchy coastal for most of the day, it seems it is quite easy to lose track of time. Lately, I seem to have my head buried down in that dry, sharp, crunchy grass often just praying for something wet to fall from the sky! Well guess what? Yesterday morning, as I had my head buried, praying and getting tortured by that dry, crunchy coastal, I felt a drop, and then another and heard some rumbles. Why, I did not even consider that it could be rain. I just figured it was probably Ferdinand, the bully, frolicking over to pester me as usual, causing the ground to rumble and slinging his nasty slobber all over my back. I continued to graze, grateful for the food that has been provided. After a while, I noticed that Ferdinand never appeared and the slobber only became more distinct and consistent. The rumbling began sounding less like Ferdinand's clunking hooves and more like the rolling of a bowling ball down a greasy alley, colliding with the wooden pins (though I've never actually been bowling, I can't seem to find a bowling alley in this pasture). I glanced up and could not believe my eyelashes! Was it actually raining? Wow! My prayers had been answered! Just then, I turned my head towards my human family's home and wondered why they get to live in a brown brick barn and I do not... I will never understand. Nevertheless, I'm grateful for the beautiful colossal trees that provide shade in this steaming, humid South Texas heat. Anyway, back to the story, I spotted my sister- human getting soaked as she made her way to the fence and I could not wait to share with her my excitement for these wet drops I had pessimistically dismissed for slobber! Boy! was she elated to be getting soaked while we shared our morning coffee . Now this was some blessing! No matter how little or how much rain we may have received, to feel those raindrops as they hit my hide was like eating cubes covered in milk chocolate. Blessings come in all shapes and sizes. I admit, I often get caught up in praying for some ginormous earth shattering blessing, that I completely overlook or take for granted the seemingly small, yet undoubtedly significant blessings that abundantly surround me on a daily basis. For instance, the water in the round trough, though it sometimes has dead grasshoppers in it, my human dad, who I call Polo, always makes sure it is full for all of us four legged fur creatures; the bonus food like cubes (though would taste better covered in chocolate, that Polo and the girls feed us are delicious and a nice treat, and my much smaller four legged fur friends that make an annoying bleating sound and often fight with each other, provide me with much needed companionship and entertainment. I'm also very blessed by the many hugs, scratches behind my ears and only curl on my forehead, love pats from my human family as well as conversations with New Lady, my other cow friend, and I can't leave out the romantic sunset strolls with Ferdinand. I'm also growing quite fond of these coffee dates with my sister-human. Sometimes we just share coffee, sometimes she talks to me about life (she says I'm a good listener), sometimes we pray together, but we are always playful and just blessed by each other's company. I strive to be a blessing to others and I hope my fur friends and my human peeps know just how much of a blessing they are to me. As I venture into tomorrow, I will be more mindful of all the blessings that surround me. regardless of the size of their package, I will remember to appreciate the crunchy coastal grass that pokes my nose and most importantly, I will look up more often so I never again dismiss the rain.

Elsie and her sister-human, Kristin having their morning coffee and rejoicing for the blessing of rain!
Coffee with Elsie

Stay tuned to read about a very special blessing I'm excited to introduce...

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Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Welcome to Coffee with Elsie. I am so glad you are having coffee with me. Whether it's early morning coffee or evening coffee or in-between coffee, I'm just blessed you are here. My wish is that you can join me on a regular basis, feel loved, validated, supported and valued, while you read about my adventures and get a tiny glimpse into what it is like being a Jersey cow on small family acreage in a tiny, tight knit, rural town.

I am playful, loved to be scratched, (especially behind the ears), accepting, loving, and extremely protective. Oh, and one more thing...I get really excited! I love to kick up my hooves as I look for any opportunity to celebrate all the blessings of life. If you stick around you might just meet a few of my friends and not all of them are furry. Please check back soon for a little, humor, rest, relaxation, good companionship and maybe a lesson or two as we enjoy a fresh cup of coffee together.

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