• After                                , what is the next step I need to take to obtain an appointment?

We will need some information from you to set up as a client in our counseling platform, TherapyAppointment: date of birth, age, and your complete address. Once set-up as a client, TA will email your portal login access to you. The first session is 90 minutes in length and $65, and each session thereafter is 45 minutes long and $35. This is where you will complete the paperwork, email your counselor, and meet with your counselor online via Zoom. The platform we use is called TherapyAppointment.


How soon will I be provided an intake appointment date? Mrs. Watt will reach out to you and schedule an appointment. You will need to have the intake paperwork in TherapyAppointment completed before the first session. 


Will me living in another city in Texas affect me from being able to get services from LogoVita? No ma'am, we are statewide counseling services. Our counselors live throughout the state and you can meet them online from your computer. 

Do I have to fill out paperwork and provide my personal information to have counseling?