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Provider Options

We want to help you in selecting a provider that meets your needs.

Below you will find levels of counselors, license types, fee rates, and a  transparent description of each provider level. 

  • Counselors-In-Training

    *Clinical graduate students

    • Clinical Counseling

    • Marriage & Family

    • Social Worker 

    Intake Fee: $65

    Regular Session Fee: $35

    • Enrolled in master's degree program

    • Requirement for graduation and state licensure as respective professional

    • Under supervision of faculty member and LogoVita site supervisor

    • Services provided as co-therpy or under close supervision of LogoVita site supervisor

  • Professional Associates


    • Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (LPC Associate)

    • Marriage & Family (LMFT Associate)

    • Social Worker (LMSW Associate) 

    Intake Fee: $105

    Regular Session Fee: $65

    • Earned required graduate degree in respective profession

    • Provisionally licensed as a by the State of Texas

    • Completing required clinical experience for full licensure 

    • Supervised by a State of Texas board approved supervisor

  • Licensed Professionals


    • Counselor (LPC)

    • Marriage & Family (LMFT)

    • Social Worker (LMSW) 

    Intake Fee: $175

    Regular Session Fee: $120

    • Completed master's degree and graduated successfully

    • Awarded Associate license by the State of Texas

    • Receiving active supervision of board approved licensed supervisor

  • Professional Supervisors


    • LPC Supervisor (LPC-S)

    • LMFT

    • LMSW

    Intake Fee: $185

    Regular Session Fee: $140

    • Licensed professional for a minimum of 2 years (LMSW), 3 years (LMFT), or 5 years (LPC) years 

    • Additional training or education completed

    • Supervise respective licensed Associates

  • Doctoral Professionals

    (PhD, PsyD, EdD, DCoun, DMFT, DSW)

    Intake Fee: $200

    Regular Session Fee: $175

    • Attained highest level of education one can master 

    • Licensed by respective state board


LogoVita, PLLC is a private pay entity and is not currently a provider on insurance panels. We are happy to supply an invoice for you to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. 

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Texas Counselors Serving Texans

LogoVita, PLLC

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